Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Is it really that important to vote? Is my voice really going to make a difference? heck yes. I understand that now (ironically, now that I have made the decision to vote I can't figure out where my polling place is...thank you dorm life). So, drawing on the buzz of millions of people exercising their freedom to vote, I figured I would make today's post liberty-themed.

*cue the trumpets*

Koi are revered by fish enthusiasts as "living art" (kittymowmow). True statement! It is impossible to not feel inspired by their flowing fins, sparkling scales, and heavenly hues. 'What do fish have to do with freedom?', you ask. It is their beauty that sets them free. When I watch koi dance around in the water, it is almost like their souls are illuminated. The brightness of a koi's body contrasts agains the dark background. Analogous to a graceful fish is a human being so beautifully afforded the liberty to confidently allow their opinions and decisions to radiate from within, brightly shining against a clouded backdrop of confusion. So on this day, go out and be your own little light in the world. Vote! ('cause yo mama told you so)

Artwork: Koi in acrylic

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Sarah said...

Gorgeous! You should figure out how to print your pieces on notecards. I think that flickr.com might have a way to do that. Love your blog and I happen to love creativity :)