Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ode to Sarah ;)

My friends have talent. Extreme talent. Sky high, hit-you-in-the-face-like-a-ton-of-bricks, mind-blowingly awesome talent. My best friend, Sarah, is a wonderful writer/poet majoring in English at Auburn University. Her presence and demeanor literally light up a room, and her passion shows through in her writing. BONUS!----she is absolutely insane (like myself, perhaps that is why we get along so well). So please, enjoy some of her work!


I am nature. And like nature, I steer towards calamity. Like a hurricane, the words of my mouth are a destructive wind. They feed off each other, like winds off of warm water, And as they gain speed, they destroy all in their path.

I am nature. And like nature, I will recover. Like after the volcano erupts and every sign of life, The tiny sprouts of green emerge from the ruin, And joyfully express the continuation of growth

. I am nature. And like nature, my nature is ever changing. Like the summer, winter, spring, and fall. The desert, forest, mountain, and valley, I am as diverse as the passing of seasons.

I am nature. And like nature, one thing is constant. Like the push and pull of the ocean tide, in and out, I am forever pulled into a cycle of failure and regret, Forever pushing towards a deeper love.

I am nature. And like nature, I grow and nourish. Like the lush fields of grass, I cradle and sing sweet songs. The wind blows softly across the long reeds, And gently whispers ”hush, hush” in my ear.


There’s an ocean, spans the distance between us
Waves of cool blues lap at each of our feet
As our arms span the miles and miles of
Raging waves full of worries and fears

Your tender words span the chasm before us
And seal my heart with the tenderest kiss
Our star crossed eyes, fixed on wonder and beauty
Are bound to light, blind to darkness and shame

Fingers, soft, graze the top of the water
As we move we are dragging our toes
Spinning round, I fall and you catch me
And plunging further into the deep, we go

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