Wednesday, January 28, 2009

cut all the ropes and let me fall

What a day. You know the ones...grey, rainy, kinda magical in all its melancholy. When I woke up, my world was warm *****press play on your ipod to "In the Waiting Line," Zero 7***** Warm blankets, warm room, warm over-sized T shirt. The alarm played soft music and I could hear the rain hitting the pavement outside. ****deep sigh****

Then everything good and soft about the morning came to a screeching HALT as the sound of the second, "get the hell out of bed" alarm bitch slapped me in the face.
and so starts my day

Tried to give blood for the second time in a week, had to get pricked twice and YET AGAIN my iron was too low to even register on the moniter, let alone have a dang Ziploc bag full of my blood poured out of my body.
Then the migrane fairy left me a gift, so I ASSUMED THE POSITION of sleep for a few hours. Not to bad now, reason for the blog posting.

stay positive, world. The day is not over yet.

Go on a dinner date...Get a ride from a cute boy...

Or strum a little tune...


Sara said...

i heart you claire cooper :)

Diana Bowden said...

i like your style. and miss you.